SQF Level 3 certified, excellent rating, for 2014! New Optical sorting added. to guarantee highest levels of quality and safety.

Food Quality and Certification


In today’s marketplace, food quality is one of the primary concerns of the industry. Grasso Foods continuously monitors its production and our Quality Assurance department continually samples and tests its product to maintain the highest standards of food quality. Our peppers are always prepared from the USDA Grade A standard for frozen sweet bell peppers. We understand as a manufacturer each company has its own specifications and we have some of the most stringent standards for quality and safety in our products. As a prospective buyer our specifications are available to compare to your own and can also cut to your specs if need be.

We are Star K Kosher certified yearly.

safequalityfoodWe are Audited yearly by Cert ID, one of the leading SQF Certifying bodies in the country. SQF, or Safe Quality Food, is the new world standard for food safety, backed by thousands of food production and storage facilities across the planet.

We also apply HACCP protocalls on all levels of production, from intake to the final boxing and shipping of the finished product.


Frozen Peppers IQF