SQF Level 3 certified, excellent rating, for 2014! New Optical sorting added. to guarantee highest levels of quality and safety.

About us


Located in the heart of farm country in Southern New Jersey, Grasso Foods has been freezing peppers for over 30 years. The Grasso family has been involved in the farming and agriculture community since the 1940’s when the founder, Joseph S. Grasso, began farming asparagus and processing can house tomatoes along with grading pickles for the market. In 1978, Grasso Foods Inc. purchased its first freezer and went into operation processing bell peppers. In the following years and two successive freezers later we consolidated our production to bell peppers only to meet growing market demands. Over the years we have refined and streamlined our processes to bring you a USDA Grade A value-added product that goes well on its own or as an ingredient in your fresh-cut or frozen recipes. Our product is 100% usable to accommodate issues facing food service buyers today, saving you time and money with a ready-to-use product of consistent and uniform distinction, our commitment to excellence in quality. Our product can be found as part of frozen and fresh entrees all over the world and our customers agree as we believe you will too. Grasso Foods is committed to providing you with THE benchmark for quality in IQF frozen vegetable industry.



Modern Equipment


Flow through Freezers

Our modern cutting and freezing equipment puts us at the forefront of processing capabilities. With exacting standards we can Sort, Wash, Cut and IQF Freeze product in a matter of minutes, with capabilities of up to 50,000lbs per hour. The level of care for our product is unmatched and we strive to provide a 100% value-added product line to meet your ingredient needs




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